At Healing Hands Recovery Solutions, Inc., it is our desire to assist Clients and Families in the process of personal growth and healing in a caring and supportive environment. Our program is based on mutual respect and collaboration among clients and staff. We believe that change takes place through the hope and support of others. From experience, we have seen that the answers lie within; however sometimes it takes encouragement and guidance to tap into the courage needed to implement change. We feel privileged each time we are able to meet with individuals, families, or perform groups to be a part of the exciting healing process that takes place when people make the commitment to seeking freedom from the things that hinder progress in their lives.

Healing Hands Recovery Solutions, Inc.’s mission is to be the Premier Out Patient Service provider in the Golden Triangle community (Mt. Dora, Eustis, Tavares) and beyond. We strive to provide excellent client care through a variety of outpatient resources for substance abuse, mental health, and overall wellness of the individuals seeking our assistance. Our goal is to minimize the use of medications and offer alternative integrative wellness opportunities for individuals to reach their highest potential for Healing.

Healing Hands Recovery Solutions, Inc. is a comprehensive Outpatient Counseling program that offers multiple services providing Empowerment and Healing through Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Retreats, Seminars, Case Management and additional Community Support Services.

The Outpatient Therapy programs are perfect for individuals who seek to address a variety of concerns that they need support with. At Healing Hands Recovery Solutions our therapists specialize in Addiction treatment, Mental Health, Trauma, Abuse, Eating Disorders and Family Systems.

Continuum of Care. Our Outpatient program also offers an excellent continuum of care component from inpatient treatment. Healing Hands Recovery Solutions was founded out of the need for additional Aftercare services for individuals completing an inpatient treatment episode. Often individuals who do well in treatment are lost in daily living when returning to the community environment. Healing Hands Recovery Solutions provides community follow up visits and services to assist clients in reestablishing themselves in their employment, family, and community.

Psychiatry. Healing Hands Recovery Solutions offers Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Management. In order to offer the full spectrum of Outpatient Services HHRS has partnered with an exceptional Psychiatrist who is skilled in Addictions, Mental Health, Trauma, and Holistic means of healing. Our psychiatrist focuses on the whole person and evaluates all aspects of the human experience of mind, body, and spirit.

Case Management
services and Recovery Coaching are exceptionally beneficial to individuals returning from treatment. These services offer at home and in the office assistance in locating resources in the community that are helpful in maintaining long term recovery. Case Managers assist with employers, offer help locating AA/NA and other 12 step recovery meetings. They assist with probation and court cases, offer assistance with gaining access to food stamps and other government assistance, and they assist in locating, and monitoring Sober Housing for the client to reside in while active in their recovery program. The Case Management Department provides additional support services to the client and to families that may find it difficult to locate or navigate services.

The Recovery Coach oversees individuals in their environment. They make follow up calls after program completion, they provide home visits. Clients can discuss their recovery process with an individual who has “been there.” The Recovery Coach encourages the client in their endeavor for long term recovery. They ensure that the client resides in a stable, healthy and recovery oriented environment. Recovery Coaches can accompany clients to meetings until the client feels comfortable and confident enough to attend independently.

Our vision is to be the preferred community agency that is safe and compassionate toward individuals and families who come to us for healing and to find the guidance, direction and help needed to achieve the long term recovery they seek.
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Medication Management
  • Medication Replacement Therapy
  • Psychiatric Follow up care
  • PRN Evaluations
  • IPN Evaluations
  • DUI Evaluations
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Counseling/Family Contracts
  • Group Counseling
  • Intervention Services
  • Prevention Services
  • Community Outreach
  • Recovery Coaches
  • Transitional Living Locator
  • Sober Housing
  • Retreats
  • Seminars
  • Integrative Wellness

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